Timless Tradition behind this Festivity

Lohri, the first festival of the year is round the corner: 14th January 2024. Basically, Sun God is entering Capricorn on 15th January and hence Maker Sankranti will be celebrated on that day. Moreover, Lohri is celebrated before Maker Sankranti, so in this case Lohri date 2024 will be 14th January and not 13th January. This amazing festival is mostly celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Northern India. If has powerful associations to the Punjab and Haryana regions. Yes, the celebration spirits extends beyond these regions as well.

Why Lohri is celebrated?

Lohri is the harvest festival and all pray for good harvest all through the year. It also marks the end of winter season. A fire is lit while celebrating the festival of Lohri. People do parikrama around that bonfire. While circling around the fire, they wish for a healthy and happy life. On this day, jaggery, peanuts, gajak, sesame seeds, and rewari are offered to the ones who are celebrating this auspicious occasion.

People sing songs; they dance on the Punjabi beats, and greet each other for a happy life. Do you know, this year Lohri Kab ki hai? Yes, it is on a Sunday.You can plan and call over your friends and family and enjoy to the fullest.

Heart-Touching Lohri Gift Ideas from SendBestGift

People have a get together for bonfire and they rejoice. While doing that, how can you forget to get Lohri gifts for your loved ones? Gifts are the main ingredients for this wonderful festival. Opting for a Lohri gift hamper is the wisest thing to do.Lohri sweets, dry fruits, peanuts, and chocolates will make your hamper worth-gifting to your special ones. We have outstanding collection of hampers for this occasion through which you can convey your enthusiastic Lohri wishes to your friends and family.

Our gift hampers are particularly designed with utmost precision so that we hold on to the cultural values of the festival. One of the most well-liked delicacies of the festival is Gajak and without it your celebration is incomplete. Packed in beautiful boxes, you can get Gajak from us and bring a smile on your loved ones face by getting it delivered at their door. Or else, this can be the best return favors for your dear ones if you arrange a get together on this day. It is the best way to bestow your love and blessings by opting for such classy gifts from us.

Celebration in Punjab with Bhangra and Sweets

Have you ever witnessed people celebrating Lohri in Punjab?  Yes, the excitement level is together different. The air around buzzes with immense excitement as our loved ones gathers around the bonfire and enjoys dancing on folk songs. Moreover, the tradition dance of Punjab, ‘Bhangra’ adds a special zeal to the festivity. It is not just a festival in Punjab; it is actually a manifestation of warmth and unity. So, gear up people for the upcoming Lohri festival and buy & send gifts to Punjab from SendBestGift.

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