NEW Enhanced Features for Branded Client Gifts

We are thrilled to announce a brand new add-on feature to our popular Add-Your-Own-Logo Program. Currently, businesses and companies are able to add their branding to any gifts in our Ready-to-Ship Collection by branding the paper: adding their logo to the gift tag and notecard OR bellyband and notecard. But effective immediately, for a long list of qualifying gift box designs within the Ready-to-Ship Collection, our clients can also add their logo to the gift contents inside the gift boxes too! This corporate gifting program, widely known for quick and easy client gifts and employee appreciation gifts, is a perfect way to achieve the custom gifting look without the longer lead times and larger order minimums associated with true custom gift design. 

With our new Enhanced Add-Your-Own-Logo Program option, businesses and companies have the option to “Brand Their Paper” as always, and then also “Brand Their Products” too if they wish. 

Here’s how it all works:


There are two options for how your logo can appear on the paper portion of your gift boxes:

OPTION ONE:  Logo Gift Tag + Logo Notecard
OPTION TWO:  Logo Bellyband + Logo Notecard


In addition to adding your logo to the paper portion, you can now add your logo to select gift contents within the box too! Items that qualify are ones such coasters, throw blankets, rocks glasses, journals, wine tumblers, etc.  

In this add-on, products within gift designs will be swapped out and replaced with products containing your logo or brand. Your business gifts will now look and feel even that much more polished, highly curated, and luxurious with the added element of your business’ branding on the gift contents themselves.

For the complete list of gift boxes eligible for this “Brand Your Products” add-on, please contact our Design Team today! They’ll be more than happy to walk you through the options and make recommendations too. 

best corporate gift boxes

Now that we’ve pointed out options for how your logo will appear, we need call out the best part of our Add-Your-Own-Logo Program – FLEXIBILITY!


Only 5 gift boxes to qualify – arguably the lowest order minimum out there for branded gift boxes!

Option One: ON DEMAND

Order gifts one by one, on demand as you need them.

(example: year-round employee and client appreciation)

Option Two: ALL AT ONCE

Order gifts all at once for shipment at the same time.

(example: corporate events and PR campaigns)


Choose any combination of gift box designs to satisfy the order minimum. This way, your recipients will receive the gift box that best suits them. 

How to Get in Touch

To get started with our Add-Your-Own-Logo Program, including our new “Brand Your Products” featured, please reach out to our gifting team today at [email protected] for a customized quote!

Our team of gifting experts looks forward to working with your company to promote your business and your brand message through high-quality business gifting. Let’s get started today by adding the extra special element of branding to your business gifts.

And lastly, as a review:

3 Ways to Do Gifting With Marigold & Grey

When it comes to corporate gifting, gifts for your business, or gifts for your company’s employees, clients or events, there are three unique ways to gift with Marigold & Grey.

#1: Custom Gift Design Service

If you’re interested in elevated branded gifts for your company for employee appreciation, holiday or any corporate event in between, please get in touch with us to ask about our custom corporate gift design services. We’d love to work with you or your team to create something that reflects your company’s brand with limitless options for customization to include branding the packaging, gift contents, printed collateral, and more. 

#2: Add-Your-Own-Logo Program (i.e. Semi-Custom Gifts)

In addition to custom gift design, we also offer a thoughtful semi-custom gift design program with low order minimums and your company’s logo and brand on each gift you send. Our Add-Your-Own-Logo Program is perfect for businesses that want to send company branded gifts either all at once for an event or particular marketing campaign OR throughout the year, on demand as you need them, for special occasions like employee appreciation, birthdays, client thank-you gifts, and more.

#3: Ready-to-Ship Collection in our Online Shop

For curated gift sets and themed gift baskets that are easy to send for any occasion in life or work, don’t forget to shop our curated collection of ready-to-ship gift boxes with quick turnarounds and no order minimums. These ship out within 1-3 business days; rush next-day shipping is also available at checkout.

Images: Lissa Ryan Photography 

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