Meet Paulette Zamora | Our New Studio Studio Concierge

Say hello to our newest M&G team member, Paulette Zamora. We are excited to have Paulette join as our ‘Studio Concierge’ to assist with all things in our busy gifting business. From helping customers to answering questions to building gifts and just about everything in between, we are thankful to have Paulette on our all-women gifting team. If you call our studio, you’ll likely speak with Paulette, so be sure to say ‘hi’ and give her a big welcome! 

Without further ado, let’s hear from Paulette in her own words!

Tell us a little about yourself:‌

I was born and raised in Baja Sur, Mexico and just recently moved to Silver Spring, Maryland, but lived in the D.C. area from 2016 to 2018, where I met my now husband. I am a lover of interior, fashion, events design, and styling, and I really enjoy trying new foods and visiting new places. In my free time, you can find me lifting weights, thrifting, relaxing, watching TV shows, and movies with my husband and sharing laughter with friends over a glass of wine. Family is one of the most important things for me so definitely spending time with them and being around them is one of my favorite things in the world.

What attracted you to the Studio Concierge position?‌

I was drawn to the job description as I felt it perfectly aligned with my skill set and encompassed many aspects that I genuinely enjoy. The possibility of working in a very creative and women-owned and led company, where every single detail matters really excites me.

What were you doing before joining M&G and how do you think it will benefit you in your new position?‌

Prior to joining M&G, I worked as a Wedding Planner and Designer. While in this industry, I consistently demonstrated my ability to handle diverse responsibilities with precision and enthusiasm, especially in fast-paced environments. My commitment to exceeding client expectations through attention to detail, effective communication, and positive attitude have always been characteristics of my work that will benefit me in my new position.

What do you look forward to about this job?‌

I look forward to learning new things every day and working with an incredible team! 

A favorite celebrity wedding?‌

My favorite celebrity wedding is Joey King and Steven Piet. The destination, her dress, the flowers, the venue, everything in their wedding was perfect! All the events that they had during the wedding weekend were gorgeous.

A favorite movie?‌

My favorite movie is Clueless.

A favorite travel destination?‌ 

I love traveling to Colombia because it is so much fun. It is a great country with beautiful landscapes, beaches, delicious food, and amazing people. 

A favorite Instagram account these days?‌

My favorite Instagram accounts right now are @sheerluxe and @whatpeoplearewearing as I love seeing fashion in everyday people. 

The best gift you’ve ever given?

The best gift that I ever gave were my bridesmaids gift boxes. I curated and personalized all the items, making sure that they were going to be enjoyable for them, but matching my aesthetics at the same time. They all loved them and said that they had my personal touch.


We hope you enjoyed meeting Paulette and learning about her new role. We are excited she is joining our team M&G! Stay tuned to our Instagram to see even more behind-the-scenes action of all of our team members. In the meantime, don’t miss our new custom gift design galleries where you can explore past projects and be inspired to create your own custom gift design.

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