Meet our New Assistant to the CEO, Kasee Tenny

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest team M&G member, Kasee Tenny. Kasee joins our women owned and operated small business as our Assistant to the CEO. We are so thankful to have Kasee on hand to support our CEO, especially now as we come off of the summer and the busy holiday gifting season is fast approaching. Kasee will fit right into our all-hands-on-deck type of team, and company culture where everyone supports everyone. In addition to assisting our CEO, Kasee will also be helping out around our gifting headquarters with everything from customer support to gift design to gift assembly. Jenny will play a hugely important role on our team and we couldn’t be more excited to have her around. 

Please meet Kasee as she shares more about herself in her own words. 

Tell us a little about yourself:‌

I just moved to Maryland after living in Hong Kong for the past five years with my husband! I’m quickly falling in love with the DMV and all that is has to offer.

I love to spend time in the kitchen with a new recipe listening to old jazz or trying out a new restaurant in the area. On the weekends, you can find me paddling on the Potomac at dragon boat practice with the DC Dragon Boat Club!

Born and raised in Utah, I miss the mountains, so I like to hike and spend time outside with my husband as much as possible. I enjoy antique shopping, true crime podcasts, and am a big traveler who has packing my bags down to a science. I love my family and any opportunity I get to spend with them. 

What attracted you to the Assistant to the CEO position?‌

I had been watching Marigold & Grey for a while on Instagram and was fascinated by the quality and care they put into every one of their curated gifts. I knew the CEO behind such an incredible company would have the same values for her coworkers, and I was right!

As soon as I saw the position posted, I jumped at the opportunity to be part of this amazing women-owned and women-operated company. I knew with my skillset, I would be able to assist Jamie and the team to achieve common goals at M&G!

What were you doing before joining M&G and how do you think it will benefit you in your new position?‌

I held the position of “Household Chief of Staff” for a high-profile family in Hong Kong for the past two years. I directed all facets of household management for this family and refined many skills that transfer over to the Assistant to the CEO position.

I’m organized, a fast learner, and able to manage a lot of schedules and tasks, while paying attention to every detail. After finding and reading the job description posted by Marigold and Grey, I knew it was a perfect match.

Just as M&G does for their clients throughout the gift curating and giving process, I knew I could assist Jamie and alleviate stress for her.  

What do you look forward to about this job?‌

I look forward to working behind the scenes of M&G and assisting Jamie (and team!) grow the company to reach its full potential. Every day is different, and I enjoy the variety. 

A favorite celebrity wedding?‌

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer III. A beautiful royal wedding and my own wedding gown was inspired by hers! 

A favorite movie?‌

One of my favorite movies (if not THE favorite movie) is Singin’ in the Rain. I’m fascinated by old Hollywood and this movie has it all: Gene Kelly, fabulous choreography, and great musical numbers! 

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Last Ark comes to a close second. 

A favorite travel destination?‌

I just recently returned from Kenya, and it quickly became number one on my list. It was my first time on the African continent, and it won’t be my last! 

A favorite insta account these days?‌

The man, the myth, the legend, @stanleytucci

The best gift you’ve ever given?

Thoughtful gift giving is one of my favorite things to do and it’s a personal mission of mine to always find the perfect gift. My brother-in-law has recently discovered his passion for cooking, and he’s got a real talent! He also adores all things Lord of the Rings. Upon searching, I found a cookbook featuring recipes from the world of Tolkien and loved seeing the joy it brought him when he opened it during the holidays. Second breakfast, anyone? 

We are so excited that you got a chance to meet Kasee! For more team M&G action, follow along on our @marigoldgrey Instagram where we share tons of BTS moments and activities of our all-women team of gift designers.

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