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June 11, 2019

Nesting Stoneware Mixing Bowl Sets

“These bowls are so beautifully made. The coloring is so earthy and they are a substantial weight, not in a heavy way, but in a well-crafted way. I especially like the cut out at the top that makes for a creative way to hold the bowl with your thumb in the cut out for easy pouring. They are stack perfectly, although, I imagine mine will be out on display whenever they are not in use.” – mom2five, Dallas, TX

Nesting Stoneware Mixing Bowl Sets – $115-140 Buy Now »

Egg on a Bagel Maker

“I use this all the time and give it as a gift a Lot. You get to have a nice egg in the AM (most of the time with chopped onion and grated cheese…maybe tabasco on top) and you just throw it in the disherwasher!! I ordered this one and another one similar…just in case the dishwasher doesn’t get run some nights.” – newlycroned, Sebastopol, CA

Egg on a Bagel Maker – $25 Buy Now »


Handwarmer Oatmeal Bowl

A handle big enough to slide your hand through and a notch to rest your utensil.

Handwarmer Oatmeal Bowl – $36 Buy Now »
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