How to add items to your partner’s child account list with Suggested Items

Ever wish you could add a gift idea to someone else’s list, including your partner’s child account lists? You can! We call them Suggested Items.

Suggested Items are just like regular items, except you can secretly add them to another group member’s list, and they won’t see what you added, but other group members can. How fun is that?

It’s a way for both parents to contribute ideas to a child’s wish list.

What are Suggested Items?

  • Suggested items appear separately at the end of each list
  • The list maker cannot see these items on their My Lists view
  • Each Suggested Item includes the name of who added it
  • The member adding it can edit or delete it and mark it reserved or purchased
  • Deleting a list will also delete the Suggested Items added by others to that list
  • Changing list privacy to private means nobody can see the Suggested Items for that list
A Shop For view of a wish list with Suggested Items.
The list maker’s view of a wish list with Suggested Items on it.

How do you add Suggested Items?

You must be in a Giftster group with someone to have the privilege of suggesting items on their list. Lists with shared or public privacy display Suggested Items and the member names who put them there.

  1. Add suggested items while viewing a group member’s lists on Shop For.
  2. You’ll see the button to add a Suggested Item at the bottom of a wish list when you’re logged in and you belong to the same group as the list maker.

Can I see a list of all of the Suggested Items I have added?

View all the Suggested Items added by you, from all lists, in one place, where you can edit or delete them as you like. Look for the Items I Suggested list under My Lists. It’s Giftsterrific!

What are some other uses for Suggested Items?

  • You know something your sister really wants but she didn’t put it on her list. Now you can.
  • You bought something that wasn’t on your brother’s list and you don’t want someone else to buy a duplicate. Add the item as a Suggested Item and mark it purchased by you. Now you are on record for buying it.
  • Your uncle has a list but never puts anything on it. Now you and your group can put your heads together and suggest items for him.

Happy suggesting!

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