How do I know what my partner really wants for their birthday?

Getting your partner the perfect birthday gift can sometimes feel more like a challenge than a fun gesture. You have to figure out what they want or need and may leave you wishing you could read their mind. Thankfully, you don’t need the power of telepathy to buy them a gift they’ll love.

These helpful ideas will help you choose a great gift for your partner’s birthday.

Ask them

The easiest way to get someone what they want is by asking them. This direct approach allows your partner to tell you exactly what they want or need. Then, all you have to do is get it for them. If your partner is particular about things, this is the best approach. It is also a smart idea if your partner has interests and hobbies you aren’t well versed in.


Sometimes, you don’t have to ask outright. If your partner is vocal and communicative, all you have to do is listen. Pay attention during everyday conversations; you will get plenty of hints and ideas for what they want or enjoy as a gift.

Observe their subtle clues

Not everyone is an effective verbal communicator. If your partner isn’t a talker, you can still pay attention to their more subtle hints. Pay attention to what they get excited about, spend a lot of time on, or expel extra energy. You can get them a gift that relates to their hobbies.

Look at their wishlist

If your partner keeps a wishlist, then you are in luck! Take a peak at their wishlist, and you will find a treasure trove of gift ideas. This method is perfect because you can get exactly what they want without letting them know.

When you both have free Giftster lists, checking out your partner’s wishlist is easy. You can see what they added and view their gift preferences (clothing sizes, color preferences and more). You can then buy exactly what they want and avoid someone else getting them the same gift. The list maker can’t see which items have been purchased (but everyone else can) keeping the gift a surprise.

Consult their friends or family

Friends and family can help you come up with ideas. Your partner may share common interests with others. Now you have someone who can guide you towards the perfect gift.

Reflect on past gifts

Think about past gifts that your partner has received. They could be gifts that you gave them or from others. Consider gifts that were a success and those that were duds. With this knowledge, you can determine what your partner enjoyed the most and consider something similar. You could even build on or upgrade a previous gift that your partner has owned and used for a while.

Giftster makes birthday gift mind-reading easy

Using Giftster is a simple and convenient method for being a gift-giving genius. You and your partner can make your wishlists so you can add anything. Add preferences so your partner gets the perfect size and color. You and your partner have the perfect reference spot for every gift-giving occasion.

Create your Giftster lists today and give your partner the perfect gift for every special occasion.

No mind reading necessary!

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