Conveying Core Company Values Through Gifting

If you’re a company or a business of any size and you’re looking for unique and meaningful ways to convey your company’s mission or core values to an audience, be it your employees, clients or most loyal customers, you’ll want to pay close attention to our feature on a few of our favorite custom corporate gift designs and how we designed custom corporate gifts to tell their brand story. 

We’re sharing some very special and intentional ways that our gift design experts worked with businesses to help them achieve their mission and communicate their core values through a thoughtful and intentionally branded corporate gift set.

Whether it is gifts to employees, future clients, or loyal customers, we’ve worked with many businesses both large and small to help them tell their story through gifting and we’re honored to share a few of those stories to hopefully inspire you in your gifting efforts!

Whenever we start working with a corporate client to custom-design branded gifts, our first question is always about their gifting goals. What message are they trying to send? What is the end goal they are trying to achieve?

When you start with the goal in mind, it makes the gift selection and the custom gift design more intentional and more impactful for the gift giver and, in turn, hits the mark with the gift recipients at the same time.   

Take a peak inside some of our favorite custom corporate gift designs where the company’s mission and core values served as the design inspiration and theme behind the gifts. We were able to use each company’s logo and design aesthetic, and marry that with their core values to design an impactful gift that will continue to communicate their purpose long after the gift is received.

Custom Corporate Gifts To Support Small Businesses 

For corporate gifting client Clark Construction, the goal of their holiday gift design was to make their most loyal clients feel special with gift that was not only full of useful gift contents, but that reinforced the company’s brand and commitment to support small businesses.

Our goal was to design a luxury holiday gift to surprise their clients and make them feel valued, while at the same time, curating contents that are aligned with their company’s brand values. We intentionally sourced small batch gift contents from small, women-owned, veteran-owned, and minority-owned businesses local to Clark’s headquarters in the DC area.

Custom Gifts To Celebrate Company’s Brand And Values

In addition to a high-quality presentation for their corporate holiday gifts, our gifting client First American Petroleum wanted gifts that accurately represented the company’s brand and values as a proud Native owned company. 

Our goal was to custom design a thoughtful and intentional holiday gift for their most loyal customers on Tribal lands to let them know how much their business is valued by the company.

We designed a tasteful and meaningful customer appreciation gifts for the holidays that included not only company branded items that were useful and functional, but also gifts that were sourced from Native owned businesses.

Custom Corporate Gifts To Communicate Refreshed Core Values

To help engage their employees in the company’s refreshed core values and to show appreciation for the work they are doing, Seattle Credit Union came to Marigold & Grey to design just the right holiday gift set.

Using their refreshed core values of “inclusive, invested and innovative”, our goal was to design a luxe and cohesive custom corporate gift to let their employees know how much their hard work and dedication is appreciated while also reinforcing our client’s refreshed mission.

The sleek and colorful branded gift sets were high-end and thoughtful, including useful gifts branded with the company’s logo as well as products and treats local to the Pacific Northwest where the company is located.


Each custom corporate gift design was not only unique and thoughtful, but more importantly, each gift was reflective of each brand’s core values and mission.

Remember, when you start with the goal of the gift and use the company’s mission as a design inspiration, that’s how you can design corporate gifts that are luxurious and high quality, just like the companies who send the gifts. 

We look forward to working with your business and your brand to design custom corporate gifts that help you achieve your goals.

Happy corporate gifting! 

3 Ways To Do Corporate Gifting With Marigold & Grey

When it comes to corporate gifting, gifts for your business, or gifts for your company’s employees, clients or events, there are three unique ways to gift with Marigold & Grey.

#1: Custom Gift Design Service

If you’re interested in elevated branded gifts for your company for employee appreciation, holiday or any corporate event in between, please get in touch with us to ask about our custom corporate gift design services. We’d love to work with you or your team to create something that reflects your company’s brand with limitless options for customization to include branding the packaging, gift contents, printed collateral, and more. 

#2: Add-Your-Own-Logo Program (i.e. Semi-Custom Gifts)

In addition to custom gift design, we also offer a thoughtful semi-custom gift design program with low order minimums and your company’s logo and brand on each gift you send. Our Add-Your-Own-Logo Program is perfect for businesses that want to send company branded gifts either all at once for an event or particular marketing campaign OR throughout the year, on demand as you need them, for special occasions like employee appreciation, birthdays, client thank you gifts, and more.

#3: Ready-to-Ship Collection in our Online Shop

For curated gift sets and themed gift baskets that are easy to send for any occasion in life or work, don’t forget to shop our curated collection of ready-to-ship gift boxes with quick turnarounds and no order minimums. These ship out within 1-3 business days; rush next-day shipping is also available at checkout.

Happy corporate gifting (or whichever method of corporate gifting makes most sense for you)!


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