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Unleash the fun and excitement this Raksha Bandhan with enchanting collection of SendBestGift’s rakhis. Add a touch of delightfulness to this day with utmost enthusiasm and joy. This sacred thread of protection for your brother eliminates evil forces away from his life.  In India, this day falls on the full moon day as per Hindi month of Sawan. This festival links the most valuable relationship of a brother and sister. Have you ever thought that the color of rakhi thread is also important and every color thread has a different story to tell? Here, in this blog, we will share some wonderful ideas of zodiac sign rakhi colors or its thread colors that you can tie on your sibling’s wrist on the basis of their zodiac signs. Without any delay, lets us see which the best rakhi is for your brother as per his zodiac sign.

Aries Zodiac Sign Rakhi

The sign is dominated by planet Mars. It is always good to tie him a red color rakhi. It will instill good energy to your brother. Since they are sports lover, it is better to give them a present related to their favorite sports.


Venus is the planet that rules Taurans. The best color rakhi for them is of white color. Apart from this, blue and silver rakhis also work for them. Tying these color rakhis yields excellent results. Gift them rakhi with chocolates and flowers.


Geminis are the social butterflies ruled by the Mercury Planet. You can pick a green color rakhi for him and pray for his healthy and better life. The color green is all about positivity and happiness in life. Get them gifts that are close to nature.


Governed by Moon, this sign wishes for your brother peace. A white color rakhi is best for your lovable brother. Silk thread with pearl work looks magnificent and is lucky for them. It is good if you gift them a spiritual gift.

Leo Zodiac Sign Rakhi

They are natural leaders and Sun rules them. Your Leo brothers should wear yellow, orange or pink rakhi as these colors bring light to the Earth. An ornament of Ruby is considered ideal for you Leo brother.


Again, Mercury rules Virgo. For good fortune of your sibling, a green or white colored rakhi is perfect. As they are most organized ones, you can gift them watches, magazines, pen stands, organizers, etc.


Venus is associated with this sign. Nothing can be better than a purple or blue color rakhi for Librans. A wall art of the Moon is the best gift for him and brighten up his day.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Rakhi

This mysterious sign is ruled by Mars. Maroon or dark red rakhi is ideal for them. It brings forth wealth and growth in their lives. Gifting them something in red or maroon color like a woolen coat would be an ideal option.


the planet of wisdom, Jupiter rules them. These people are simple and honest. A golden or yellow rakhi brings good luck in their life. For a Sagittarian brother, a brass good is the best.


Planet Saturn governs this zodiac sign. A thread of blue or pink color is the best for your brother. Gift him an electronic gadget and see him jump with joy on Raksha Bandhan.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Rakhi

Like Capricorn, Aquarians are also ruled by Saturn. Red and blue rakhi works well for them. Get him a beautiful stone on Raksha Bandhan as a present. It will be the most appropriate gift.


Pisces are Governed by Jupiter. Also known for their cheerful nature. Tie a white or yellow rakhi to your brother that will bring peace in his life. Gift him some showpieces related to stars and sky.

The color of rakhi and gifts are the best mediums to show your love and compassion towards your sibling. We all know that our Indian festivals are incomplete without celebrations, sweets, gifts, and get together. On this day, rakhi with sweets and rakhi with dry fruits play a significant role. Without these, the celebration is incomplete. There are different zodiac sign rakhi varieties available with us. So, without any delay go and opt for express rakhi delivery with gifts to your sibling’s doorstep. You will surely have a pleasurable rakhi online shopping experience.

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